Types of Childcare


Daily Care

This is available for children aged 0 to 5 years old. The children who attend the setting during the day will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of different activities that will be based around their current interests, the child’s age and the stage of their development alongside the EYFS (Early years foundation stage). The children will be able to explore a range of toys and activities in their own way and in their own time, they will not be pressured to take part in activities they do not want to, I will try to encourage them and make changes to the activity where possible, to make it easier and let them feel more comfortable and confident.

At Tiddly Toes I will follow the children’s routine that they are use to at home. If your child has a nap in the morning and the afternoon I will try to accommodate this the best I can. The only reasons I will have to interrupt their naps will be for school pick ups, where I will need to leave the setting by 2.45pm.

Image of Tiddly Toes Play Room
Image of Local Play Park

Before & After School Care

I offer school drop off and pick up from Chidham primary school. Children who need to be dropped off at Chidham primary will need to be at Tiddly Toes by 8am, or 7.45 am if they require breakfast. In order to ensure the children are at school on time we will leave Tiddly Toes by 8.15am. I will collect the children from school and walk them back to Tiddly Toes, stopping off at the local play park (2 minute walk from the setting) if the weather permits it.

The children will then be able to choose what they would like to do. There are a number of toys, arts and craft activities and games for them to choose from. I will also have a choice of educational activities; building a shape dinosaur or labelling a Skeleton for example. The children will also be able to play outside in the garden until tea is ready at 5pm (please see the menus for further details of what meals we serve at Tiddly Toes).

Holiday Club

Tiddly Toes offers a holiday club that provides care for children throughout the school holidays. Throughout the holidays children who attend Tiddly Toes will be able to get involved with a range of activities as well as outings. They have opportunities to do science experiments, such as fireworks in a jar and making lava lamps. Cooking activities such as pizza making, flapjacks and biscuits. Wild animal and bird activities such as making a bug hotel, bird feeder balls and bird baths.

As well as having fun the holiday club will be given the option of doing an hours school work that they have been set by their teachers. This will be done during the hour after lunch when all the younger children are having their naps. Once a week, on a different afternoon each week, I will turn the sofa area into a cinema where the children will have a choice of 2 Disney films to choose from.

Child in ball pit
Two happy children playing
Jessica with two children, playing
Child with messy hands, getting crafty
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