At Tiddly Toes I will plan focused activities for each individual child to help further their learning and development. These activities will be based around the child’s current interests. However children will also have the opportunity to get involved in a number of different activities when they are at Tiddly Toes. At Tiddly Toes children will be encouraged to join in, learn and explore messy play activities with their hands, feet as well as their other senses. Messy play may be painting, gluing, gloop.

Scavenger Hunts

We love heading out towards Chichester Harbour for scavenger hunts to search for a variety of trees, plants and wildlife that can be found in abundance around shoreline and in the woodland walk.

Water play

During the summer the children will have access to the water tray in the garden, where they can play, learn and explore the water and water toys. They will also be able to explore different temperatures, states and colours in the water as well as searching for objects or predicting whether they will sink or float.

Child playing with water and ball pit

Days Out

We like to head out as much as possible. Popular trips include visits to the harbour, Havant library, local baby clubs, local farm shop and local charities.
Making Cookies


At Tiddly Toes the children will have the opportunity to take part in cooking activities. They will make a range of foods from Fruit kebabs and smoothies to biscuits and cakes.

Role play

Children can take part in role play activities such as cooking and doctors. At Tiddly Toes we will learn about different cultural holidays such as Chinese new year, Eid, Ramadan and Diwali amongst others.

Children will be able to try authentic foods from these cultures, create crafts to celebrate these holidays and we will visit the library to look at and read books to help the children learn about and understand other cultures and religions.

What your child will need at Tiddly Toes...

  • Nappies
    Which can be brought daily or in a pack to store in their own cubby hole
  • Wipes
    Which can be brough in daily or kept in their cubby hole
  • Water bottle
    To be kept at Tiddly Toes to ensure children have access to water throughout the day
  • Sun cream
    Can be brought in, in their bag or kept at Tiddly Toes
  • Sun hat
  • Winter hat, scarf and gloves
  • Spare clothes
    Can be brought in, in their bag or kept in their cubby hole
  • Formula
    If your child is still drinking formula this can be brought in powder form or ready made up
happy child going down slide
child painting
children learning basic words
children having fun
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