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Jess & Charlie

Hello my name is Jessica and I am an OFSTED registered childminder with a passion for supporting children in their individual goals during the early stages of their life.

I am a mum to a cheeky little boy called Charlie, but before that adventure began I worked in nursery settings for over 6 years. I worked with children aged 0-5 years, after school club and children with special education needs.

I have a level 3 qualification as an early years educator and am currently studying my level 5 qualification. I have a current paediatric certificate which includes EPI-PEN training and a safeguarding certificate through PACEY.



" I was Jessica’s room leader for a year and a half at a Nursery provision caring for children aged between 3 months and 5 years.

Jessica would come into Nursery and be greeted by a little army of children every day who adored her. They felt comfortable and formed a good healthy attachment with her, as well as her key children.

While working alongside Jessica, not only did she form good peer relationship with her co workers, she did so with the parents. Providing information of their child’s day, tracking children’s progress , raising sensitive topics in a gentle manor with the parents. To demonstrate, children’s displaying difficult behaviour with ABCC forms, children displaying SEN and needing extra support.

Jessica has excellent knowledge and understanding of children’s welfare and safety, Jessica performed all her duties to the highest standards. Some of Jessica’s role was to support myself these duties would be, changing nappies, carrying out H&S checks, cooking lunch and tea for sixty children ( the overall amount of children in provision), providing snack , caring for an unwell children, following out emergency procedures. Also, raising concerns of child welfare and escorting children to our safe point for fire drills.

Jessica was always punctual and early to start the day, Jess is a happy and bubbly person, she has strived within her work. Jess was a pleasure to work with and wish her all the best in her new role as a child minder."

- Miss Natalie Cooper

"Jess worked until Twinkle Cottage at the time my son attended, he has Autism and is non verbal.

Jess worked fantastically with Sam, she was always compassionate and patience, willing to approach any task in a child focused way. Sam had to communicate using real touch and guiding and adults hand to what he wanted or needed. However, Jess always promoted his use of speech to communicate and it was evident that she had a true passion for supporting each child to reach their developmental capacity.

Would seek to use Jess for further child care in the future, especially now she is able to offer a more intimate interaction in her own home."

- Will Philips

"I would highly recommend Jessica (Jess to my daughter) as a childminder. The care and attention that she has shown to my daughter whilst in her care is impeccable. It was personal to my child who was 2 at the time and we had started the dreaded potty training but with Jess working along side us we cracked the potty training in less than 2 weeks!

Her kind and loving nature made it very easy for me to leave my child in her hands knowing that she would be cared for and looked after just how I wanted it. We would always communicate with how the day had been for my child and I would always have a day care diary.

This lady is amazing and I would highly recommend anyone thinking or looking for a childminder to give her a call."

- Nursery parent

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